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Welcome to “The Ishoni Network”

A place where streamers aim to take their craft to the next level.


The Ishoni Network is built to support, grow, and help promote aspiring twitch streamers by means of cross promotion, incentives to stay active, and being a part of a diverse community of content creators packaged nice and tight for the internet’s audiences.


The Ishoni Network is an award system that rewards Streamers and Content Creators for consistency, supporting other streamers, and growth. Streamers a part of the network gain “credits” and can redeem them for prizes and other perks. This is a system that incentives streamers to continue to do what they love by rewarding them for their hard work.


The Ishoni Network is a program for “Ishoni Streamers”. With this status, Ishoni Streamers are to represent the brand with passion, professionalism, and honor. Being a part of this org is at no cost to you, it is only to assist you in becoming a great content creator — in return we hope that you carry or name with you as you grow.

Requirements Include:

  • Ishoni Themed Overlay and Twitter Header must be displayed to be eligible for credits (obtained from the Starter kit).

  • “Streamer for @IshoniEsports” or approved variation displayed in twitter and twitch bio.

  • Keep the ishoni name with good energy

Keeping Track:

Each streamer will be given access to a personal google sheet that will keep track of your credits and growth. All you have to do to collect credits is fill the open cell next to the date with the value of the credit earned. We will have a master log on our end that will mirror your submissions. When you wish to redeem your credits, you just need to DM @IshoniEsports the prize and we will deduct the credits from your account and send you your prize!

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(all credit opportunities max once per day)

1 Credit

  • Hosting another Ishoni streamer’s content on channel
  • Retweeting or sharing another Ishoni streamer’s content

2 Credits

  • For streaming

3 Credits

  • Youtube/Twitter video


(Effective 3/4/2019)

“Starter Kit”

  • Custom Ishoni Stream Overlay - 15c

  • Twitter Headers - 10c

  • Graphics (inquire) - 10c — 20c

“The Grinder”

  • Ishoni Custom Mousepad - 40c

  • Ishoni Wall Banner (with streamer’s name) - 40c

  • Apparel from Ishoni store ($35 or below) - 40c

“Bob the Builder”

  • Computer Equipment (value up to $60) - 90c

  • IKEA Allowance (value up to $100) - 150c

“Gold Glitter” (Must have unlocked all of “starter kit”)

  • Any gaming keyboard (value of $150 or lower) - 250c

  • Any headset (value of $150 or lower) - 250c

“Tech Wizard”

  • Beats Headphones - 375c

  • Apple Watch 3rd Generation - 450c


Carnage Gaming the official partner of The Ishoni Network