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Monday, Mar 25 @ 12AM thru Sunday, Apr 28th @ 11:59 PM



Compete against other Astro War Teams throughout heading into the event to raise your seed! On Demand. Please read the rules and best of luck! See you in May!

How To Find Matches:

You can find matches by joining our discord for matches. You can request matches there or you can DM other players!

Ishoni Point Incentives:

Ishoni points are rewarded per person and can be used for Ishoni Store purchases and towards LAN placement and perks. Ishoni Points reset after every LAN.

LAN Perks:

  • First person to 5000 points will receive a free team pass.

  • Seeded teams will be able to pick their first opponent at LAN events.

  • Top 2 teams will have guaranteed streamed matches.

  • Top 2 teams will receive free event T-shirts on event day.

  • Top Seed will have guaranteed Main Stage Play.


  • Request matches via Discord or Twitter. You can play matches at any time between 3/25 - 4/28.

  • Points are distributed per person. Win or Lose. 100 points for a win, 20 Points for a loss.

  • Best of 5 - CWL Variant

  • Weekly cap for Ishoni Points is 1000 (not including 1Ks, double point events.)

  • Astro Series matches can be played anytime between Monday, March 25th @ 12AM — Sunday, April 28th @ 11:59 PM.

  • When a match is over, results should be DM’d to @IshoniLeague. We reward points via Gamertag or Twitter Handle.

  • The winner of the Best of 5 must DM @IshoniLeague the results with proof of map wins.

  • Seeds will be updated live via the button below.

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the astro series clear.png
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The Astro War - May 5th

Houston Game Guys

4108 Glenbrook Ct, Houston, TX 77087 • $3000 • Double Elimination • Call of Duty: Black Ops4 • Playstation 4