Let the games begin

Welcome to the Spectator Page! Here you can acquire spectator passes for The Ishoni Company’s upcoming event! Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the event details before purchasing/registering.

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- Upcoming Event -

Call of Duty Open Houston, TX

Please fill out the form to be emailed a unique venue pass that will allow you access in and out of the venue on May 11th. astro war Passes are good for 1 (ONE) day on Saturday, may 11th, 2019 for the astro war at houston game guys and is not valid on any other day.

Venue Details:

Location: 4108 Glenbrook Ct, Houston, TX 77087

Date: Saturday, may 11th, 2019

Doors open at 8am. Play will begin at 9am. This event has the potential to be very long. There will be food available for purchase at the event and there are plentiful eateries in the area for selection.

Spectator Passes are $10* if bought here online.

An astro war Spectator Pass is equivalent to the $10 venue fee for players. If a player does not have a pass, they must pay the $10 venue fee during check in (non players pay $15).

Spectator Passes will be available at the door on may 11th, 2019 for $15 for non players.

- Registration -

Spectators Only
Name *
One Person per Pass
Players Only (For Venue Fee)

* Plus PayPal’s 2.3% + .30 rounded up to the nearest dollar.


In an event to where the event must be called off refunds will be issued in full.

the astro war Spectator Passes are nonrefundable. the astro war Spectator Passes are equivalent to venue fees for players. Spectator Passes will be available at the door for non players on may 11th, 2019 for $15. Players only have to pay $10 whether it is online or on event day.

The Ishoni Company is not affiliated with Activision or Playstation. The Ishoni Company does not own any of the intellectual property which belongs to Activision or Playstation.

By entering venue you are agreeing to being photographed or videotaped but can request to not be on the day of the event.

Sponsors, affiliates, contributors, or seperate entities are only supporters of the astro war that contribute to a positive experience for the event.

The Ishoni Company reserves the right to deny entry to anyone as deemed fit by the company. The Ishoni Company will not deny entry on the grounds of race, sex, religion, or affiliation.