The Ishoni Company Privacy Statement

The Ishoni Company is a multi facet company that engages in Videography, eSports, & Talent Management. It is our mission for you to completely understand what your information goes towards and how it is used and maintained.  

Information We Collect

We will collect personal information that you choose to provide. This information would be such thing as Name, Business Name, Address, and Contact information. We will also collect payment information. Payment information may include a card number, expiration date and security code. We will also collect a billing address provided the addresses differ.  

How We Use Your Information

We use your information to help us help your company in the best way possible. With your information, such as a business name and type of business we are able to put together a marketing plan for your company. We use you card information to pay for your services, we also may set up recurring payments if you choose to do so. Email Address and Phone Number is how we will be able to contact you if need be while we are working together. Your address may be used to send out any promotional offers we have or could potentially be used to send you a copy of our analytics if email is not accessible.  

Sharing Your Information

In the event we need to seek third party assistance (which would be rare) we would send out contact information to them in order for them to better assist you. Your information will be available to the few people that will be working on your particular company. However, these individuals are aware of our privacy policies and will not be disclosing any information to outside sources without consent from both your company and the hire ups in our company.  

Other Information Collected

Ishoni may collect other information not listed above. This information may include passwords and other history and cookies from your time on our website. We will also use other technical data such as, your location when using the website and what kind of device you are reaching our site on.  We will also collect your social media information so we can best assist you in our time working together. This information may include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account information. All information collected will be for our use only and will not be shared under any circumstances.  

Managing Personal Information

All information collected we be compiled and organized. We will have a personal file with for your company with all of the information we use while doing business with you.  Your information will be kept in a sealed folder that only certain people in the company have access to. We will only use your information when it is necessary. Your information will be locked up at all times when not in use.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

If we were to need to change this policy it would take effect on the date it is posted on the website. If you continue to use the website after the updated privacy policy has taken effect then you are agreeing to the terms found in the policy. In the event there is a major change within the policy we may determine to notify you via email and that will give you the opportunity to decide if you approve of the information in the updated privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this privacy policy don’t hesitate to contact us:

The Ishoni Company

Arlington, Texas

Phone: 336-209-9752