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Address: 600 Columbus Ave Suite #102, Waco, TX 76706



Nexus Esports Online




Welcome to the official page of Ishoni’s Civil War - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Waco Open! This tournament is meant to inspire and provide experiences in real competition in eSports. The event will take place at Nexus Esports on Saturday, July 6th. At Ishoni Esports, we are bringing the community the best competition and experience that amateur tournaments can offer.

Players, please take the time to read over the rules and registration information before purchasing your team pass.

Bracket System

  • Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control

  • 5 Players per Team

  • Double Elimination

  • Best of 5 for Winner’s

  • Best of 3 for Loser’s until Loser’s Finals

What to Bring

  • Must bring own controller and charger

  • Must bring own headset and mixamp

  • Must bring game disk

  • Valid ID for registration

  • Venue Fee: $10 per player

  • If under 18, must bring signed parent consent form


  • Team passes are $300 until June 28th if purchased online in advance. From June 28th to July 6th Passes will be $350. ($400 at the door on July 6th, if there is space).

  • Venue Passes are $10 if purchased online in advance ($15 at the door). Available April 20th.

  • Roster lock will be July 5th at 6pm, prior to the Prelan.

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Venue Rules

  • No Fighting

  • Food and Drink not allowed at gaming stations (not including water)

  • No disrespect to staff

  • Trash Talk OK

  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items

  • No selling of items or services at the venue

  • You have access to the entire venue please act with consideration

  • Food will be available for purchase at the venue throughout the day


Event Breakdown

  • This event will be ONE day. Registration starts at 8:00AM. Tournament set to begin at 9:00AM.

  • Be patient for this event has the potential to be very long.

  • Max Prize pool is $4000 based on 24 teams (prize pool subject to change based on team attendance.)

  • 1st Place - $2500 - 2nd Place $1000 - 3rd Place - $500

  • You will have access to the entire arcade for downtime

  • There will be lounge areas and food we will be available for purchase

  • Wristbands will be given to those who are attending the event

  • Upstairs will be exclusive to those who are attending The Civil War

Unsure about attending our tournament? check out the after action report for our previous tournaments for the awesome experience we provide our players!


Friday, June 5th beginning at 7pm, there will be a prelan event where you can check out the venue and get some valuable lan reps in before the big day. this event will be $10 from 7pm to 11pm for those who RSVP below.

the doors will open to the public at 8pm.


Please fill out the form accurately. If you have any players under the age of 18 they must provide a parental permission slip. Which you can obtain by clicking here. After registering, you will be emailed a Team ID Code. With this code, you will be able to email us any team changes that may occur as the event approaches. After completing the form please pay for the Team Pass below the form to complete registration.

Registration Form

Captain Name *
Captain Name
Player 2
Player 2
Player 3
Player 3
Player 4
Player 4
Player 5
Player 5
Substitute 2
Substitute 2

To secure The Civil War Team Pass, please complete registration by paying via the paypal button below!

Total Price is $359 to cover Paypal’s Fee (2.9% + $0.30 per sale) rounded up to the nearest dollar.  

If you wish to donate to ishoni esports please do so here! In the form above, please let us know that you donated so that we can acknowledge you at the event in July.



*All payouts are based on the number of preregistered rates and team signups. If less than designated players (8 Teams minimum at $1000), the payout will be at least 50% of funds obtained from presale passes.

Civil War team passes are not refundable unless the event has to be cancelled. In the event that The Civil War is cancelled, refunds will be issued in full. Every occupant in the event must pay the $10 venue fee in order to enter, leave, and return to the venue on July 6th, 2019. This event can be very long and has no set time for conclusion. The entry fee for the Prelan is not the same as the venue fee on July 6th.

In an event to where the event must be called off refunds will be issued in full.

The Ishoni Company is not affiliated with Activision or Playstation. The Ishoni Company does not own any of the intellectual property which belongs to Activision or Playstation.

By entering venue you are agreeing to being photographed or videotaped but can request to not be on the day of the event.

Sponsors, affiliates, contributors, or separate entities are only supporters of Ishoni that contribute to a positive experience for the event.

The Ishoni Company reserves the right to deny entry to anyone as deemed fit by the company. The Ishoni Company will not deny entry on the grounds of race, sex, religion, or affiliation.