Welcome to the Academy

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“The Road To Become Pro Has Arrived”


Welcome to the Academy

The Academy is the new and efficient way to streamline your pro eSports career! This program takes out the hassle and stress of setting up matches and dealing with time torchers as your coach will set all that up in advance so you worry about just playing with your team and getting better.

Sign ups are closed. The academy class of Spring 2019 will be announced Sunday, march 31st.

We will reach out to you individually if you are selected! Thank you to everyone that came to try outs!

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This all inclusive program includes:

  • Dedicated Coach for the team. This coach will set up all matches for you so you can focus on playing with your teammates and getting better

    • Planning for LAN events (if applicable)

    • At least one VOD review per week with team

    • At least 1 night of VOD reviews with the Coach

    • 1 to 2 tournaments a week

      • One 1K or other respawn tournament

      • One SND tournament

    • League Matches

      • 2-3 nights a week

      • AGN, NGE, Kinetic, Nightwing, COD AM League, VNM League, etc

The $30 sign up fee covers all online tournaments, leagues, and matches so your coach can schedule them for you.

This program runs from March 30th to June 14th (Three months)

Sign ups close March 25th. Tryouts are on March 26th and March 27th.

The Academy Team will be announced Sunday, March 31st.

First day of Practice is April 1st.

This program is open to all teams and free agents looking to take their game to the next level.

  • Free agents will be placed in teams that suite their play style.

  • Open to ages 14 and older. Players under the age of 18 will be emailed a parent consent from.

  • Partial teams are also eligible and will be paired with Free Agents that best fit their team’s needs.

  • Full teams will be given a coach and will start the program with their team of five.

  • Each player must sign up individually! One form does not cover all players for full or partial teams. Sign ups close March 25th


Open Tryouts (Closed)

  • Open Tryouts will be on Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, March 27th

  • Players will play from teaming in the Discord. All players must wait in the waiting channel until it is your turn to play.

  • Matches will be streamed on our Twitch Channel Twitch.tv/ishoniesports.

  • We will be evaluating your play from spectating the match.

Rock the ISHONI name and compete against the very best. Take control of your future. It’s time to put the work in!


Tryouts are free, you will not have to pay anything unless you are placed in the academy.

All goals will be discussed with the coach week one and all specific goals and curriculum will be discussed then. If you do not feel the program is for you during week one, you can request a refund. Roster changes and refunds cannot be made after March 30th unless overruled by the coach on discretion.

If you are under the age of 18, you will be sent a parent consent form after payment has been confirmed. You cannot compete in matches, leagues, or tournaments until the form is signed and sent to theishonicompany@gmail.com.

LAN event fees are not covered by the $30 registration fee. Ishoni Esports will pay a portion of TP or Travel expense which will depend on a case to case basis. Rest assured, if you are competing at an LAN event, we will provide assistance that a typical org would.

The Ishoni Company and Ishoni Esports does not own any intellectual property concerning Activision or PlayStation.